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“you can’t manage the sea, if you can’t manage the ship”
– Pedro Schreier


What is hidden behind this term?
If I had to express myself scientifically I would choose the following statement: Motivation is a term used to describe a psychological attitude actively initiate a process which can lead to changes in a scenario, way of thinking or the psychological constitution.

Luckily, I’m not a scientist and can put it in my simple ideas & words:

Motivation is nothing more than a change. A change that is activated and controlled by no less person than we self.

Motivation is the power pill which initiate  a reaction on an action of the environment and more importantly drives us to perform your own actions. Therein lies the power of motivation.

Project-island Motivation

It opens the doors for opportunities

Opportunities for which we were blind throughout the stress, grief, anger and worries in everyday life.

I do not know you feel about it, but my life has really have needed a change ( and still needs).


Hello everyone. my name is Pedro and i will share my story in a nutshell:

i’ve been through some rough, sadly and lonely times without any kind of idea what to do with my life. I was completely lost. No one was there for me. At this bottom i started to lift my self up by studying a huge amount of self motivation, business and financial books and videos. After six month of studying i finished my first book (Strategy “M”-Motivation: coming next month in german) where i share the tips and ideas which build me up again.

Now i want to help others. I want you to be strong for the person next to you.

In my Blog i share ideas, mindsets, Tricks and etc. to make you, your friends, me and anyone else successful in being a confident and happy person (language: german, english). Also In order to the goal of helping people, i’m sharing the story of persons who went through tough times like being pregnant without help and from people which start a new life somewhere else, all alone. We hope you’ll find answers and hope in their stories.
Sunset along the California Coast


What’s left to say?

The site is very new, but there are already a few articles with advices from great Speaker like Simon Sinek, Anthony Robbins and financial Gurus like Marc Cuban, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, MJ Demarco and etc and the stories of three great people.

So enjoy it and give it a try

P.S It is the blog of a young learning people.  Spelling and semantic errors are implied. I’m sorry in advance. If it should bother you muchly, leave a information in the comments and i’ll take care of it.
Apart from that, i wish you a lot of fun 🙂
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